Russ Whitney Opt Best Way to Know Homeowners Insurance While Buying Home

Russ Whitney prefers some of the best ways while purchasing a home, involves getting to know a lot of financial terms and processes that most first-time homebuyers have never been exposed to.Insurance is one of the most confusing one. Perhaps if you’ve never owned a home before, your familiarity with insurance most likely centers around health insurance, life insurance,renter’s insurance and so on.

The main criteria for Homeowners Insurance comes in two varieties: a lender’s policy and an owner’s policy. If you take out a mortgage to purchase the home, Russ Whitney informs that your lender will require that you purchase a lender’s policy.This protects the lender from anyone else who thinks he is the rightful owner or otherwise has a claim against the property.

There will be an examiner says Russ Whitney who will look at such public records, such as deeds, wills and trusts so as to make sure that the wording is proper and that the names on the documents are correct to the rightful owner.

If the seller has their policy, you can qualify for a credit.Your insurance agent thus Russ Whitney tells can help you determine how much coverage you require, based on the loan amount and what it might cost to rebuild the home.If there is any denial in loan payback both the lender as well as the owner will be cross checked and penalty may be imposed over them.


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Russ Whitney is the epitome of American Dream: he led his successful life as a family man, civic leader, best-selling author, mentor and businessperson.
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