Russ Whitney emphasis reasons for website redesign

Russ Whitney emphasis reasons for website redesign

As traffic and sales drop significantly Russ Whitney claims that every real estate marketer thinks about a comprehensive website redesign. No matter whether one aims for an overhaul in business branding, launching of new services, or reinstating the process of website design for real estate Russ Whitney assumes, a redesign is an effective way to breathe new life into the current online marketing efforts.

A redesign has to be initiated only for the right reasons says Russ Whitney that boost the traffic and leads from target clients who are in need of lucrative commercial and residential real estate properties.

The entire task of laborious, time consuming, and immensely pricey redesign process might lead to evident dissatisfaction or decrease in sales and traffic.Russ Whitney thus ensures not to fall into the trap of impulsive redesigning decisions. Here Russ Whitney points out few wrong reasons to redesign a website:

1.It’s been almost since I redesigned my real estate website last

2.A redesign is imminent as the top directors of the firm are looking out to have a new website

3.The website lacks flashy elements of any sort

4.The current real-estate website is way short of pixel-perfection

5.For a real estate website that resembles the ones that the top real estate companies have.

6.The competitors have updated their sites lately

7.A new website is critical to improve the SEO efforts to boost ranking and traffic

8.The site has to accommodate more listings of commercial and residential properties

9.There is a major announcement coming soon, the reason why the site has to look bigger and more attractive


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Russ Whitney is the epitome of American Dream: he led his successful life as a family man, civic leader, best-selling author, mentor and businessperson.
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