Russ Whitney Deals With Homebuyers Difficulties While Buying Home


When it comes to exciting things in life, there are very few that are similar to getting handed the keys for your new home. The moment those keys are in your hand shows the hard work and commitment to saving money and finally finding that perfect property.Since buying a home Russ Whitney says is a big purchase, it is not a big surprise that there is some regret.

If you are thinking about purchasing a home, Russ Whitney informs all to make sure that you take the time to do some research about the market, the neighborhood, and the lender that you are planning to use in order to avoid these potential difficulties.Most often buyer’s face one of the following problems, so when you are touring a property keep these things in mind.


Russ Whitney informs all that if you are thinking about buying a new home make sure that you take the time to do some research about the neighborhood and consider visiting the home during the day and at night. Try walking through the neighborhood and talking to the neighbors if possible.You need to search local tax records to learn more about the neighbors.

Parking and Transportation

It is important to think about parking for now and in the future.You may think that a longer commute is worth it when you find a great house, but this may or may not prove to be true. Try the commute out during the morning and evening rush hour in order to determine how your new routine is actually going to be. Think about parking issues says Whitney that could arise ahead of time so you do not regret your decision later.


The price of the home is one of the most painful regrets. If you buy during the peak of the market and later are underwater on your mortgage it can be especially painful. When you begin your search for a home, make sure to discuss the local dynamics for the market in the area. Try to purchase in an area that has had a steady growth rate and you will potentially avoid a price regret.


When it comes to your mortgage, Russ Whitney along with many buyers often find that they regret the lender they have chosen. Choosing a local lender is the best option where some of the few regrets that homeowners may experience.

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Russ Whitney Targets Few Emerging Trends that Influence Real Estate Market


Housing Market

There are times when home purchasing decisions says Russ Whitney affects the financial stability of the buyers.Many consumers move from renting to a starter home; starter home to mid-level property; and so on. These decisions are predicated on the financial ability of buyers to afford a home more expensive than the one they currently own.

Home Sales

The mortgage rates can’t remain at these historically low levels forever tells Whitney. Sooner or later they’ll have to rise and it looks like 2015 will be the year.The current administration has worked hard to keep rates as low as possible. It may be because they understand the value of housing market creates for the larger economy.

Low Mortgage Rates

There will be less home sales activity and a higher percentage of income allocated towards housing costs.A positive step that Russ suggest is an upcoming rate reduction for FHA mortgage insurance. The rate that has been 1.35 percent is now moving to 0.85 percent.The mortgage insurance rate will give these borrowers a better opportunity to purchase a home.


First-time home buyers will benefit from this rate decrease.The opportunity to sell is always greater during any competition.Long term mortgage rates go up to 6 percent by the end of 2015.

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Expensive Real Estate Tax Bills Found Suggest Russ Whitney


There is some good news to be found in the real estate market these days tells Russ Whitney. While home prices aren’t generally on the rise, neither are real estate taxes.Statistically, the homeowner pays out approximately 1.4% of their home’s fair market value in the way of real estate taxes.The topmost countries which pay the highest tax bill are displayed below as per the data.

  1. Westchester, NY $13,842
  2. Rockland, NY $10,550
  3. Bergen, NJ $9,546
  4. Essex, NJ $9,288
  5. Nassau, NY $9,091
  6. Passaic, NJ $8,978
  7. Union, NJ $8,926
  8. Morris, NJ $8,549
  9. Hudson, NJ $8,407
  10. Hunterdon, NJ $8,392

In the top (Westchester), the average real estate tax bill works out to $1,153.50 per month.If you’re in one of those top dollar countries, the good news is that real estate taxes are deductible. You can deduct qualifying state, local or foreign taxes that you paid on real estate you own.

Thus the higher home prices as per Russ Whitney tend to trigger higher real estate tax bills.Real estate taxes can vary significantly from one community to the next – and the reasons are not always dependent on price.

The tax rate and methods of assessment factors into real estate tax bill. Thus in some areas, re-assessments may not be conducted every year they may only be assessed in every five years and so.

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Mortgage Close in 2015 Says Russ Whitney


The amount of time and effort Russ Whitney says it takes to close a mortgage is incredible. Many participants in the process work overtime, sometimes for over a month, or several months, per closing to make sure the customer is happy.Everyone involved in the mortgage process has to deal with the fundamentally flawed system.The mortgage process often undermines all this hard work.These mortgage has been split into showing two aspects of regulations:

The Broken Process-

Buyers have to run all over town and deliver the same information tells Russ Whitney to multiple parties so that the different players in the transaction have the necessary documentation. They are often stunned and upset by the inefficiencies and frustrations inherent in the process, and are slow to come back to the market or refer the people they worked with.

The Regulatory Pressure-

The current mortgage process is plagued by errors, duplication of effort and outdated processes, procedures and policies. It is a disconnected supply chain that lacks transparency and take collaboration on a completely different level in the real estate and banking industries to satisfy customers.For all it will verify in a secure network to create a safe environment for consumers and a return on investments for industry professionals.

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Russ Whitney Investing in Best Small Business


Marketing strategies past and present have at least one thing in common; getting the word out about a product or service in hopes of encouraging consumers to buy it. However, people shop much differently than they did years ago.

Making sales flyer alone influence their purchase behavior, modern consumers gather information on all their options before making a decision. Thus Russ Whitney reveals marketing strategies must accommodate this change, as all the efforts should therefore be focused where consumers spend most of their time online.Some of the strategies that helps in business investment:

Online Presence

One of the best places Russ Whitney tells all to invest in marketing money is creating an online presence. The cornerstone to this strategy is a website, a modern necessity for every business.

Constant Content

To step into your website and keep consumers coming back, devote some of your marketing strategies that Russ Whitney offers to produce fresh content. Blog posts on topics related to your industry, products or services are usually easiest to produce.

Going Mobile

When working with a web firm, make sure they’re developing a mobile version of your website. Smartphones are more and more popular and consumers use them to gather information on the fly.

Being Social

A social media presence often goes hand in hand with having one online. Companies that are more social can usually engage consumers and establish relationships with them more easily.

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