Russ Whitney emphasis reasons for website redesign

Russ Whitney emphasis reasons for website redesign

As traffic and sales drop significantly Russ Whitney claims that every real estate marketer thinks about a comprehensive website redesign. No matter whether one aims for an overhaul in business branding, launching of new services, or reinstating the process of website design for real estate Russ Whitney assumes, a redesign is an effective way to breathe new life into the current online marketing efforts.

A redesign has to be initiated only for the right reasons says Russ Whitney that boost the traffic and leads from target clients who are in need of lucrative commercial and residential real estate properties.

The entire task of laborious, time consuming, and immensely pricey redesign process might lead to evident dissatisfaction or decrease in sales and traffic.Russ Whitney thus ensures not to fall into the trap of impulsive redesigning decisions. Here Russ Whitney points out few wrong reasons to redesign a website:

1.It’s been almost since I redesigned my real estate website last

2.A redesign is imminent as the top directors of the firm are looking out to have a new website

3.The website lacks flashy elements of any sort

4.The current real-estate website is way short of pixel-perfection

5.For a real estate website that resembles the ones that the top real estate companies have.

6.The competitors have updated their sites lately

7.A new website is critical to improve the SEO efforts to boost ranking and traffic

8.The site has to accommodate more listings of commercial and residential properties

9.There is a major announcement coming soon, the reason why the site has to look bigger and more attractive

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Russ Whitney Deals With Risk Management

Russ Whitney Deals With Risk Management

Every business according to Russ Whitney, big or small has to face different risks. Some of which can have a lasting impact on your operations which may eventually lead to bankruptcy. These risks are called business continuity risks. Hence it is very important that you know how to deal with such risks effectively.These business continuity risks Russ suggest, pose a threat to your business’ ability to remain operational.

There should be a plan that will enable you to function with the minimum amount of disruption. These plan should account for potential physical losses and factors like lost sales and production.Firstly Russ informs all, to know the different business continuity risks so that you can take advantage of an effective risk management strategy.

By carefully assessing each situation and understanding the company’s unique needs, you can arrive at the most ideal insurance policy to keep these risks in check. Russ Whitney manages all these risk in his working days as well as suggest people to follow up.

Personnel risk-

It pertains to the potential consequences of losing key employees. The loss of a team member can affect sales, customer relationships, human resource requirements and other associated issues.

Financial risk-

It is closely connected with business continuity and personnel risk. When an individual leaves, the organization must be able to cover the cost of the loss as well as the recruitment and training of the replacement personnel.

Trade risk-

This is becoming more and more of an issue even for small and mid-sized companies. In companies growth and development opportunities, there’s the presence of trade risk. There are  challenges to deal with and deliver services to partners and customers in remote locations, over long distances.

It’s essential to have a solid risk management strategy says Russ Whitney in place to mitigate these risks, and one of the best solutions would be to secure the appropriate insurance for such risks.

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Russ Whitney’s Business Tips for Avoiding Cash Flow

Russ Whitney's Business Tips for Avoiding Cash Flow

What separates a good small-business owner from a great one.As per Russ Whitney it’s not as easy as making a big sale, but business owners who effectively manage their cash flow can gain advantage on their competition.

Maintaining strong cash-management habits can help you grow your business and outpace the competition.In today’s economy, many business owners are finding it a bit easier to improve their cash flow.Russ Whitney put forth some tips for every owner to follow as and when required.

1. Cut-off expenses

A good place to start when improving your cash flow is to spend the money you have more wisely and resist it. Russ Whitney says most cash flow problems are a direct result of overspending.Carefully tracking your expenses can be a very good experience.

2. Boost collections

One of the most tedious way to improve your cash flow is to get your customers to pay you faster. Your customers will want to hold off paying you as long as possible to protect their own cash flow. You can start by offering a discount for payments that arrive on time.

3. Delay payments

The other side of the cash flow is payments. You should never make them before you absolutely have to, unless you get a discount for early payment. The better cash flow management for Russ Whitney means speeding cash in and slowing cash out. Don’t send it off to a supplier and improve his cash flow at the expense of yours.

4. Lease instead of buying

While leasing may cost a little more in the long run, it’s a good way to hold onto your cash. Leasing companies finance more business equipment. In fact, for equipment deals lease financing is relatively simple, even for new companies with low credit score.

5. Applications

There are many good cash flow forecasting applications that can tell you where every cash is going. The best ones for Russ serve as an early-warning system to determine cash shortfall, making it easy and intuitive for you to forecast cash flow and avoid critical mistakes.

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Russ Whitney’s Tips On Moving Out Your Stress!

Russ Whitney's Tips On Moving Out Your Stress

There comes with each relocation stress and anxiety. It is inevitable, no matter whether you are happy to move or not – you need to deal with them. Russ Whitney prefers that moving house does not have to be such a stressful event, and you can take some immediate measures that stress does not affect you as heavily.

Most people get stressed out because they do everything all at once. Analyze and plan for the move days or look for a moving company first and then start organizing.Russ Whitney suggests all to use your free time for relaxing, not filling your days with worry over whether the moving checklist is full or whether the movers will come on time.

You can take your mind off the whole relocation as long as you don’t make it a habit. Russ Whitney says that stress is not something that can be thrown off at once.Fighting off the anxiety like moving to a new i.e. an unknown location and starting a new life among unknown people seems intimidating, you need to remember that people do it all the time.

Try to find a nice and peaceful park and do frequent walks to refresh your thoughts. Don’t try to push yourself very hard take rest between packing jobs. When the packing is done, just check the moving checklist every now and then to make sure everything is there, and relax.

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Sellers Negotiating Real Estate Tricks Says Russ Whitney


Sellers have an unexplained desire, sometimes buried deep inside, to know that the house they are selling will fall into the hands of a worthy buyer.A seller’s house is a place where joy is shared, sorrows are expressed, hopes and dreams are crafted; it’s a place of treasured memories.

Russ Whitney prefers the best way to boost your offer negotiation skills into higher level is to appeal to a seller’s emotions.Make the seller feel as though you are the perfect buyer that makes the seller a reason to care about you.Ask the agent to cross check the offers of home.

The biggest obstacles Russ Whitney reveals to a real estate transaction that listing agents face is incompetent selling agents.Just as the buyer tries to appeal to the seller, the selling agent should try to appeal to the listing agent.The selling agent might express certain excitements over working with the listing agent.

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Russ Whitney Opt Best Way to Know Homeowners Insurance While Buying Home

Russ Whitney prefers some of the best ways while purchasing a home, involves getting to know a lot of financial terms and processes that most first-time homebuyers have never been exposed to.Insurance is one of the most confusing one. Perhaps if you’ve never owned a home before, your familiarity with insurance most likely centers around health insurance, life insurance,renter’s insurance and so on.

The main criteria for Homeowners Insurance comes in two varieties: a lender’s policy and an owner’s policy. If you take out a mortgage to purchase the home, Russ Whitney informs that your lender will require that you purchase a lender’s policy.This protects the lender from anyone else who thinks he is the rightful owner or otherwise has a claim against the property.

There will be an examiner says Russ Whitney who will look at such public records, such as deeds, wills and trusts so as to make sure that the wording is proper and that the names on the documents are correct to the rightful owner.

If the seller has their policy, you can qualify for a credit.Your insurance agent thus Russ Whitney tells can help you determine how much coverage you require, based on the loan amount and what it might cost to rebuild the home.If there is any denial in loan payback both the lender as well as the owner will be cross checked and penalty may be imposed over them.

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Denial of Home Mortgages Says Russ Whitney


You need to know the pros and cons says Russ Whitney between buying and renting a home throughout the housing market, and also take a look at the importance of your credit score. Lenders have access to your accounts, public records, and other systems. Take a look at these reasons tells Whitney as why home mortgages are denied and make sure none of them apply at any of your situation.

Bad Credit

Bad credit is often the overlooked debt that trips people up when it comes to mortgage loans. As per Russ Whitney when you apply for a loan to buy your home items remain on your credit report. This is why it’s important to be thorough when checking your credit reports. Clear up any bad debts from the past.


Lenders are going to look at how much debt you currently have and compare it to your income. Russ Whitney guides all to take a look at your tax returns if you have business expenses that come out of your own pocket, a lender is going to deduct those from your useable income. Keep an eye on your checking account and credit card cash advances.

Down Payment Too Small

Lenders are going to expect you to have a little chunk of money to put down on your dream home.  Russ Whitney deals with some mortgage lenders will accept 10% down, but there are others who will require 20% down. It’s very rare for someone to offer a mortgage loan with no money down.

Employment Data

You need to see that you are stable and have the ability to make a long term commitment. If you’re going from job to job, you are setting off their red alarm that you might not be able to make your mortgage payments.

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